Hideaki Anno comes to terms with his greatest creation

SPOILER ALERT: Plot details for all of Evangelion and Devilman Lady.

Rebuild of Evangelion is complete. An ambitious film project that spanned fifteen years from 2007 to 2021 is over. It served not only introduce Evangelion to a new generation, but also to comment on the legacy of the original…

The Female Prisoner Scorpion films are visceral critiques of misogyny, the prison system, and police brutality

An image of Meiko Kaji from “Female Prisoner #701’s Grudge Song.” Used as an aide for criticism under “Fair Use.” All rights to Toei.

WARNING: This essay discusses sexual assault

SPOILER ALERT: Plot details for the Female Prisoner films are discussed

“There has always been a tendency to regard those women who have been publicly punished by the state for their misbehaviors as significantly more aberrant and far more threatening to society than their…

Appreciating Zelda’s first venture into 3D

Photo by Hamish Duncan via Flickr. Some rights reserved.

NOTE: For this review, I only managed to play the 3DS version, though for reference purposes, I did watch many videos from the N64 version.

SPOILER ALERT: Plot details for Ocarina of Time follow.

The launch of the Nintendo 64 was an exciting time for Nintendo’s longtime franchises. Would its…

Should America have negotiated with the Taliban?

Photo by Hamid Mir. Some rights reserved. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

In April of this year, President Joe Biden made the difficult decision to end America’s war in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of failure. Even if you disagree with Biden’s decision to withdraw so soon, it’s hard not to understand his frustration. The Taliban controls more territory now than at…

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